Calling All Women!

A Bit of History:

United Prebyterian Women (UPW) and Women of the Church (WOC) share a common history from the time of the establishment of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America in 1789 to the beginning of the Civil War in 1861. Their stories begin with women in local congregations who responded with good deeds to the needs of society. These were grassroots efforts by women to testify to their religious beliefs, expressed by doing for those less fortunate.

The Women’s General Missionary Society of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, formed in 1883, is the earliest predecessor or organized women’s work. Over time the women’s organizations evolved and merged. As recently as 1988, UPW and WOC jointly established a new design to become Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church USA, known today as PW.


All women in the congregation are the very heartbeat of the church. All women are invited and encouraged to participate in the activities and fellowship of Presbyterian Women (PW). Meetings and special events are held periodically throughout the year.

A meeting made up of officers, committee chairs, and all other interested women will meet the third Tuesday of each month to discuss new and old business and plan upcoming events.

There will be a general meeting for all women who attend our church the first Tuesday of each month that will include a social/informative event after a very short business meeting.  The day, time, and location of the general meetings will not always be the first Tuesday, but will vary to accommodate a variety of events.